How Your Healthcare and Listening to Others can Make Others Rich

Since 1948, the WHO has been the most prevalent healthcare informants, presenting hundreds of millions of people with vital information that makes heavy impact in their daily lives. From helping developing countries to strengthening healthcare systems around the globe, the WHO is seen as a hero to all of the people who were helped. From those getting advice, they may think that they are receiving top notch advice from qualified scientists who spent years working to acquire the information being shared. While this is most often true, some people are mislead in terms of products to purchase. Since people think that the healthcare organizations know more than the businesses (which, often times they do), they are more bound to do their own research based on the findings of more reputable healthcare based companies (like the WHO) rather than a business not exactly focused on healthcare. Put simply, words of professionals can easily mislead daily people to think the wrong things. The saying “majority rules” stems off of the majority being right for a certain decision, and minority groups will change their mind or at least rethink their decision when making a choice that not many other people picked. Like any other business, the same theory applies with the WHO. Even a few changed words can leave people flocking from product to product, simply listening to what everyone thinks. Even though they may be right, a minor bribe promoting a specific product can monopolize the entire industry and compromise the safety of our community and our world.

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