On a Saturday afternoon on Feb 10th, Frisco Library buzzed with youthful energy as a group of high school students came together for the very first time. These bright young minds were not there for a typical study session but to embark on an exciting journey as the founding authors of “The Prescriptive Jurist,” a new blog at the nexus of healthcare, law, and healthcare IT.

From L to R: Mehul Pahuja, Anisha Vijay, Hari Kondepati, Vartika Agarwal, Anushka Vijay, Nishi Pahuja, Neha Kamjula, Prachi Kotte, Rithika Pagala, and Tanvi Kulkarni) with Aryan and Anahita Sharma attending via Zoom

The students, though young, brought forth a surprising depth of knowledge and a shared enthusiasm for the topics they aimed to cover. Each student introduced themselves to their peers, explaining their passions and what drew them to this unique project. Their diverse interests ranged from aspirations in medical careers to a fascination with the legal system, and a keen interest in the transformative power of healthcare technology.

With introductions leading to burgeoning friendships, the meeting quickly progressed to the core activity of the evening: brainstorming topics that would resonate with their peers and readers. The students discussed contemporary issues affecting the intersection of their chosen fields, such as healthcare fraud, patient advocacy, ethics, and the legal implications of emerging medical technologies. They embraced the challenge of making complex subjects accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

Ideation Phase and Topic discussions

Acknowledging the visual nature of their generation, the students agreed that their blog posts would be accompanied by relevant images. To commemorate their initial gathering, they took creative photos within the library, capturing the spirit of collaboration and innovation. These images not only serve as a visual introduction to the team behind “The Prescriptive Jurist” but also as inspiration for the visually-driven content they intend to produce.

As the evening drew to a close, the young authors of “The Prescriptive Jurist” left the library feeling inspired and ready to tackle the issues at the forefront of healthcare, law, and IT. With fresh perspectives and a dedication to exploring the impact of these fields on society, these high school students are poised to make their mark on the blogosphere.

Keep an eye out for the official debut of “The Prescriptive Jurist,” where the voices of the next generation take on the complex world of health law and technology with clarity, creativity, and youthful insight.