Next Gen Disease Diagnosing Utilizing AI

As seen today, healthcare utilizes a lot of manual work to keep the industry running. Countless times, doctors and other health professionals are left with piles of paperwork to be done for each and every patient. Obviously, this is nowhere near as efficient to where the field needs to be to solve as complex problems that exist. But the integration of AI could make the necessary difference to optimize healthcare. Programs that can accurately diagnose diseases based on past patient data would greatly assist doctors and physicians in actually diagnosing diseases. A friend of mine had an uncle who had a heart attack, but the doctors went forward with a treatment for GERD based on running labs. However, he was not able to fully recover without the right treatment. Just like his case, 12 million other Americans have suffered the same fate. An AI algorithm that would be able to diagnose diseases would solve this problem and prevent the extra 800,000 deaths that also occurred due to misdiagnosis. AI has the capability to see things that humans cannot quicker and also more efficiently. This program can also be accessed from fhome or in areas where doctors are not available, which greatly increases the number of people who have access to easy and cost-efficient healthcare.

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